Mary Castle Elementary

School of International Studies (West Side)
Connecting Cultures

Phone: (317) 964-4600 | Attendance: (317) 964-4605


Dear Families and Friends,

Welcome to Mary Castle School of International Studies. Thank you for allowing us to join you on this journey of growth and learning with your child! Our elementary focus is one that has been designed specifically for the student wanting to learn about international cultures and become familiar with the world around them both local and global. Our hope is that you will sense this the moment you walk through the front door. From the authentic Terracotta Warrior statue, student made artwork from different cultures, and the sounds of students learning a foreign language on a daily basis; our school says “Come and explore, investigate, become immersed.” Mary Castle will prepare your student for a world without boundaries… a world full of opportunity!

About Mrs. Johnson - I am proud to be from a Hoosier family in which I’m the fifth generation of Educators. This is my 29th year of serving as an educator in Lawrence Township. I have been the Principal at Mary Castle since January of 2010. This is my tenth year as a Principal in MSDLT. I was the Assistant to the Principal at Mary Castle for 6 years too. As a teacher I taught second grade at Forest Glen and third grade at Brook Park Elementary. A highlight of my teaching experience was organizing the French Back to Back program in 2000. I was responsible for the welfare and curriculum of 18 fourth and fifth graders as we traveled to Southern France for three weeks. I have also traveled with elementary students to Mexico City as a part of a service learning opportunity. In my leisure I’ve visited Central America, South Africa, four countries in Europe and have traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean. During the summer of 2011 I joined members of the Mary Castle staff as we traveled to Costa Rica and brought our learning to your students. Working in five Lawrence Township schools over the past twenty years has given me the opportunity to work with a diverse range of all social and economic demographics in Lawrence Township. My leadership journey has been rich, rewarding and has been impacted with many of life’s lessons. I love what I do; the potential impact that I can make in the lives of children is an awesome privilege and responsibility. I believe that all children can learn and succeed with high academic expectations, positive parent-school relationships, and nurturing educators.