Mary Castle School of International Studies

Magnet School of Distinction

The educational program at Mary Castle Elementary is based on the Indiana Academic Standards, with a focus on achievement, integrity and service. Mary Castle Elementary provides excellent educational opportunities for students in grades one through six. Students attending Mary Castle Elementary experience an exciting learning environment that is based on the work of several well-known researchers.

Mary Castle will prepare your student for a world without boundaries… a world full of opportunity! Our children need to become far more responsible, creative and tolerant of differences…they need to own their learning. They need to increase their ability to think for themselves, take initiative, get along with others and solve problems. Today's education must be about bringing the world within reach. Today's students must be globally conscious and internationally minded.

Mary Castle Excellence

  • Identified by Magnet Schools of America as a national Magnet School of Distinction
  • Recognized as an “A” school by the Department of Education
  • Mary Castle has an award-winning Math Pentathlon Club
  • Mary Castle offers multiple extracurricular clubs for students, including the Up and Running Club and the Kids in Action Club, which completed the Mary Castle Labyrinth and Peace Park in May of 2015 with the support of Pro(ACT ) Community Partnerships, Inc.

Rich Diversity

Mary Castle boasts a rich diversity of various ethnic, linguistic, racial and ability programs. Our school of International Studies is truly a multicultural fabric of curious students, helpful families and passionate teachers.

Service Learning and Character

The spirit of service learning and good character flourishes from our student body.  The NCAA recognized MEC as one of four schools they featured in 2015 during the final four for Service Learning.   Service projects from individual students, to classroom projects,  to school wide projects help students make a global and local difference.
Our school motto:  Mary Castle students are globally minded and compassionate lifelong learners for a changing world.  We want our students to show kindness and have
Great Attitudes, Love Learning, Own Responsibility, Be Respectful, Active Listeners, and Live Safely!! 


2015  NCAA Final Four Schools of Service
2015  First Place Math Pentathlon National Trophy
2015 IU Kelly School of Business
2014 Mary Castle earns an “A” by the Indiana Department of Education
2013 National Magnet School of Distinction “Global Studies”