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Welcome to Mary Castle Elementary School! We are excited about the many opportunities that lie ahead for our students, faculty and staff, parents, and community for the upcoming school year and beyond.

Mary Castle Elementary is a School of International Studies, in which students learn about international cultures and becoming familiar with the world around them, both local and global. We hope that you sense Mary Castle’s rich diversity the moment you walk through the door. From the authentic Terracotta Warrior statue, student made artwork, or the sounds of students collaborating on a daily basis; we hope you will sense community through collaboration and understanding of various cultural backgrounds. We want our students to be globally conscious and that occurs by connecting multiple perspectives across school and society. 

Mary Castle Elementary was selected to be a Marzano Demonstration School in 2017 in our work of learning and implementing best practices and systems under framework led by Dr. Robert Marzano and the Learning Sciences Institute. Mary Castle Elementary was also designated as a STEM Certified School in 2019 by the State of Indiana. We are thriving in our implementation of rigorous teaching and learning as we aim to lower the variance in students reaching the standards and achieving rigor. We have seen major instructional shifts that have aided in maintaining and enhancing student achievement for all. We have learned to incorporate strategies into teaching and learning so students produce skills such as communication, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, teamwork, initiative, planning, self-management and innovation as these are just a few qualities needed to be successful in our current and future job market. Students have an opportunity to hone these skills during STEM (integration of Math, Science, Project Lead the Way) and HUMANITIES (integration of Reading, Writing, and Social Studies). Through connecting content areas and integrating curriculum, students are able to:

  • Learn and refine vital employability skills
  • Participate in coherent learning experiences
  • Work toward common goals without sacrificing subject matter
  • Unify process and content goals.

Please plan to visit Mary Castle Elementary to see learning and achievement in action! We invite you to schedule a tour of our school as there is so much more we would like to share with you. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter @MaryCastleElem to view our learning and school journey!

In education,
Mr. Carl Blythe, Jr., Principal