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Mary Castle School of International Studies

Mary Castle prepares students for a world without boundaries by fostering cultural understanding, appreciation of differences, and student decision making. Students learn to be globally conscious and internationally-minded through participation in service learning projects.

All grade levels participate in Spanish and Japanese language exploration and use technology to connect with peers around the world. Mary Castle provides an atmosphere where students learn to take initiative, think for themselves, and get along with others.

All grade levels utilize a Core Curriculum based on Indiana State Standards, taught in all Lawrence Township Schools. The Readers and Writers Workshop approach is used in Language Arts, Balanced Math, Science, Social Studies, and Social Skills & Community Building.

Mary Castle is one of four elementary sites that house the district High Ability program. Students in the High Ability program are given learning opportunities and curriculum that address their need for more advanced and accelerated content. High Ability teachers provide many ways for students to use a variety of thinking skills and self-direction to allow for authentic learning at their level. Students are grouped by skills, abilities, and interests among a range of grade levels to ensure that they receive differentiated instruction.


Mary Castle Excellence

  • Identified by Magnet Schools of America as a national Magnet School of Distinction

  • Recognized as an “A” school by the Department of Education

  • Mary Castle has an award-winning Math Pentathlon Club

  • Mary Castle offers multiple extracurricular clubs for students, including the Up and Running Club and the Kids in Action Club, which completed the Mary Castle Labyrinth and Peace Park in May of 2015 with the support of Pro(ACT) Community Partnerships, Inc.


Mary Castle envisions fostering cultural understanding, appreciating differences, and finding strength in diversity. They develop global citizens and prepare students to live in a global, multicultural society. The entire staff is immersed in the work of student achievement through the lens of racial equity. Mary Castle aims to develop internationally-minded students who recognize their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet…thus helping to create a better and more peaceful world.

School Performance Report