Alerts: Dec 3, 2020
Effective Monday, November 23, at the direction of the Marion County Public Health Department, the MSD of Lawrence Township will be shifting to K-12 virtual instruction. School buildings and the Welcome Center will remain open. Click here for additional information.

Staff Directory

* Denotes eCoach
**Denotes Team Lead

Office Staff

Principal - Carl Blythe (Contact Carl Blythe)
Assistant Principal - Courtney Thomas (Contact Courtney Thomas)
Treasurer/Administrative Assistant - Carol Perry (Contact Carol Perry)
Administrative Assistant - Louise Anaya (Contact Louise Anaya)
Nurse - Katie Fout (Contact Katie Fout)
Student Support Specialist - Tiffany Rooks (Contact Tiffany Rooks)
Head Custodian - Ronald Shircliff (Contact Ronald Shircliff)
Cafeteria Manager - Sheila Weathers (Contact Sheila Weathers)
Before and After Care Site Leader - Shante Owens (Contact Shante Owens)

Special Areas

Art - Katherine Wynne (Contact Katherine Wynne)
Music - Laura Rouse (Contact Laura Rouse)
Physical Education - Brian Beattie (Contact Brian Beattie)
Media Center - Brandon Muncie (Contact Brandon Muncie)
Global STEM - Christy Donnenhoffer (Contact Christy Donnenhoffer)

Grade One

Kendra Barackman (Contact Kendra Barackman)
Yarelis Barrea Morales (Contact Yarelis Barrea Morales) Dual Language
Stacy Frieze (Contact Stacy Frieze) High Ability
Kathi Goodwin (Contact Kathi Goodwin)
Mary McDaniel (Contact Mary McDaniel )
Wilma Young (Contact Wilma Young)

Grade Two

Dale Betts (Contact Dale Betts)
* LaTISS Facilitator - Ashley Jones (Contact Ashley Jones )
Nancy Oseguera (Contact Nancy Oseguera ) Dual Language
Amanda Perdue (Contact Amanda Perdue)
Kathryn Stuff (Contact Kathryn Stuff)
** - Stephanie Sturgeon (Contact Stephanie Sturgeon) Reading Specialist

Grade Three

Susan Cowger (Contact Susan Cowger)
Kristin McDonough (Contact Kristin McDonough)
Ariel Khalil (Contact Ariel Khalil) Dual Language
* - Michelle Smelser (Contact Michelle Smelser) High Ability
Carmen Walker-Miller (Contact Carmen Walker-Miller)

Grade Four

Dual Language - Sarah Clark (Contact Sarah Clark)
**  - Melissa Clarke (Contact Melissa Clarke)
Elaine Fogleman (Contact Elaine Fogleman) High Ability
** - JaMia Jones (Contact JaMia Jones)
Debra May (Contact Debra May)

Grade Five

Hillary Church (Contact Hillary Church) High Ability
Kayla Howell (Contact Kayla Howell)
Regan Landers (Contact Regan Landers)
Jennifer Whitticker (Contact Jennifer Whitticker)
Seria Walton (Contact Seria Walton )

Grade Six

Michael Avant (Contact Michael Avant)
Abigail Land (Contact Abigail Land)
Regina Tippmann (Contact Regina Tippmann)
* - Andrew Todd (Contact Andrew Todd)

School Resource Staff

Deaf Education - Monica Weick (Contact Monica Weick )
English as a New Language - Mary Ragsdale (Contact Mary Ragsdale)
English as a New Language - Stacey Young (Contact Stacey Young)
Gallahue - Kim Yeager (Contact Kim Yeager)
IT Support - Casey Brock (Contact Casey Brock)
Occupational Therapist - Allison Campbell (Contact Allison Campbell)
Physical Therapist - Amy Mozingo (Contact Amy Mozingo)
Resource - Michele Milrod (Contact Michele Milrod)
Resource - Amy Vandeventer (Contact Amy Vandeventer)
Speech & Language - Molly Herdrich (Contact Molly Herdrich)
Gallahue - LIndsay Patterson (Contact LIndsay Patterson)
School Psychologist - Jennifer Blair (Contact Jennifer Blair)